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Autor Kamil Szpunar (Kielce) ()
Tytuł Rejestr ruchomości pałacu w Rusinowie z 7 grudnia 1801 roku. Przyczynek źródłowy do badań nad dziejami dworu szlacheckiego w Małopolsce przełomu XVIII i XIX wieku
Title Register of movable property of the palace in Rusinów from December 7, 1801. A source gloss to the research on the history of the nobility manors in Małopolska at the turn of the 18th century
Keywords Dembiński family, Małopolska region, nobility, the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, nobility mansion
Strony 319–333
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The article presents the history of the palace located in the Dembiński family estate. It was a noble family which lived mainly in the Małopolska region and had significant estates there. Rusinów became Dembiński’s property in the first half of the 18th century and passed on from generation to generation for another century. The source included in this publication describes the palace, whose founder was Urszula Dembińska, nee Morsz-tyn, the wife of Franciszek Dembiński. The register shows the furnishings of the pal-ace, the kitchen annex and the chapel of the mansion, which fulfilled in its assumptions the function of autumn and winter residence. Thanks to such detailed descriptions, we can recreate the state of the palace from more than two hundred years ago. This source is an good contribution to the research of the history of the nobility manors at the turn of the 18th century.