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Autor Dominik Flisiak (Kielce) ()
Tytuł Powstanie, rozwój i ideologia organizacji Haszomer Hacair działającej w II Rzeczypospolitej
Title The establishment, development and ideology of the organization Hashomer Hatzair operating in the Second Republic of Poland
Keywords Hashomer Hatzair, Palestine, Kibbutz, Poland, socialism
Strony 189–207
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Hashomer Hatzair was one of several organizations integrating the desire to rebuild the Jewish state on socialist foundations. This youth movement was created in the first few years after the end of World War I. It operated, among others, in Poland, Palestine, Romania and Tunis. Its supporters opted for the creation of a bi-national state in Pal-estine, for Jews and Arabs. They were for life in the kibbutzim, which were agricultural collectives, where functioned equality between women and men. Members of Hashomer Hatzair were opposed to capitalism. In political matters they objected particularly to ex-treme right-wing Zionists, who were centered around Vladimir Jabotinsky. During World War II, the supporters of the left-wing Zionism participated in the Jewish, anti-German resistance movement.