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    • Submitted articles and source editions are subject to an initial formal assessment by the Board of Editors. Once approved, the articles are directed to external reviewers. Each publication is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers not associated with the Jan Kochanowski University, neither the Journal's Advisory Board, nor the place of the author's affiliation. The reviewers are selected by the journal's editors in consultation with the Board of Editors. The texts are sent to those reviewers who have most expertise in the issues raised by the authors of the texts.

      The reviewers have at least a post-doctoral degree; in some cases they might be Ph.D. holders. All articles are reviewed in accordance with the principle of "double-blind peer review", which means that throughout the procedure, neither the reviewers nor the authors know each other's identities.

      The review is submitted in writing and should state explicitly that the article is either valid or invalid for publication. Reviews are archived by the Editors in electronic and/or paper versions. Articles that receive two positive reviews are submitted for printing. The reviews are passed to the author of the article. In the event of the reviewer's objections regarding the articles submitted for review, the editors mediate in the discussion between the reviewer and the author, enabling the latter to respond to the reviewer's comments.

      The authors are obliged to introduce changes to their text compliant with the reviewer's suggestions, unless they convincingly prove that the changes are not justified. The final decision so as to accept or reject the text rests with the Editors.

      The current list of reviewers cooperating with the journal is available on the journal's website.

      The review procedure is based on the recommendations of the Research Ethics Committee, included in the publication of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education entitled "Good Practices for Review Procedures in Research", Warsaw 2011.

Publication schedule:

    • The journal is continually seeking articles for publication. There cannot be published two texts by the same author in one issue (applies to articles, source materials and review articles). The journal is due to be published annually, by the end of the calendar year.