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Almanach Historyczny is a non-profit academic journal. The Editorial Board and the Publisher are responsible for its publication Editorial Board and Academic Council

Editorial Board and Academic Council

Ethical responsibilities of the authors

    • Only original research papers are accepted. Authors are obliged to inform the Editors about the submission of the manuscript to other publishers. Texts already published (also in other language versions) or accepted by any other publisher will not be considered by the Editors.
    • All the authors of a submitted paper should contribute sufficiently to the research presented in the manuscript.
    • Authors are required to ensure that their manuscripts are carefully edited and proofread prior to submission and they are required to provide a complete reference list. If their research was financially supported, the grant specifications must be included in the submission..
    • Authors are asked to provide their ORCID codes with their contact information.
    • Authors are expected to participate in the peer-review process, and to review their work upon request; if the corrections are not satisfactory, the Editors reserve the right to refuse publication. Authors are obliged to introduce changes to their text compliant with the reviewer's suggestions, unless they convincingly prove that the changes are not justified.
    • The journal does not charge any fees for editorial work and publication

Review process

Publishing Ethics

    • Editors screen all manuscripts for plagiarism. Both the Publisher and the Editors aim to take steps to identify and prevent the publication of articles that breach the journal’s publication ethics, and to promptly respond to any relevant information or suspicion of research misconduct.

      Detailed information on publishing ethics can be found at:

Copyright and Access

Archiving and website

    • The publisher keeps an electronic backup and maintains access to the content of the journal in the event of its temporary suspension or termination
    • The website of the Journal is regularly updated.