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ISSN 1642-4530



Author Jan Gustaw Rokita (Warszawa)
Keywords medals, medalist, graphics, Battle of Vienna 1683.
Pages 49-66
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Volume 19


The article Remarks about the medal of Johann Neidhardt commemorating the victory near Vienna from 1683 describes in detail the nine works of art referring to a presentation on the obverse and reverse of the medal. As argued by most notions of art that have been through medalist incorporated into the artistic composition is at least partially prepared on the basis of pre-existing medal engravings and graphic patterns. Due to the lack of historical sources, it is of course hard to answer the question of whether the author had direct contact with the described works of art or reproductions. Neidhardt’s contribution, seems obvious in some cases. The above statement applies to both the obverse and reverse. The equestrian image of Leopold I Habsburg on the frst side of the coin shows in fact a strong resemblance to the por-trait of the emperor on the obverse of the coin made in 1649 by Sebastian Dadler. On the other hand, appearing on the reverse images of the commanders of allied forces in medallions refer to the tableaux issued after 12 September 1683 in signifcant numbers. Analysis of this medal artifact indicates that the trustee, realizing his own propaganda needs, fully accepted dupli-cation on medal disc in a simplifed version of contents and images well-known to imperial subjects and fully accepted by them.