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ISSN 1642-4530   e-ISSN 2956-8137



Author Mariusz Lubczyński (Kielce)
Title The testament of the Żarnów Castellan of Olbracht Starołęski (with a moral and criminal scandal in the background)
Keywords Olbracht Starołęski, testament, nobility, inheritance, mariticide
Pages 299–318
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Volume 20


The subject of the source edition is the last will of Olbracht Starołęski, Castellan of Żarnów in the years 1650–1665. The source significantly extends the current knowledge about the testator, his property, family and circle of friends and acquaintances. It con-tains new information about the failed marriage of Katarzyna Starołęska, the daughter of the testator, with the Knyszyn starost Mikołaj Ossoliński, which in 1663 ended in marit-icide. The will also includes references to current events in the Commonwealth ‒ wars with three invaders. By his example, Starołęski describes how great was the influence of the wars on the lives of a great number of noblemen, forced to flee from their estates, de-prived of livelihoods, and receiving hospitality from other people.