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ISSN 1642-4530



Author Ryszard Janowski (Kielce)
Title Participation of veterans’ associations in the Sanation Camp in the Kielce Region in the years 1926–1939
Keywords veterans associations, the Sanation Camp, the Federation of Polish Unions of Country Defenders
Pages 209–227
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Volume 20


The associations and former military affiliations of the Federation of Polish Unions of Country Defenders (FPZOO) strongly supported the political line of the new ruling team after the May Coup. They represented important and the faithful political background for the Sanacja (Sanation Camp) in the country, and thus in the area of the then Kielce Prov-ince. In close agreement with the Non-Party Bloc for Cooperation with the Government (BBWR) and later with the Camp of National Unity (OZN), they supported political and economic activities by consolidating the society around the Sanation Camp.