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Author Robert Stopikowski (Gdańsk)
Title The Catholic press as a source for the history of the Catholic Church in the Russian Empire by the example of “The Catholic Review” (1863-1914)
Keywords church history, Russia, 19th century, history of the press
Pages 129–152
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Volume 20


The article describes formal and personal issues related to the content and authorship of texts concerning the Catholic Church in the Russian Empire in the Polish religious press of the second half of the nineteenth century. It also systematizes and generally characteriz-es the thematic scope of the texts contained therein. The main source is the Catholic press, including the “Religious-Moral Diary”, “The Catholic Review”, “The Church Review” and “The Catholic Weekly”. The subject matter is cross-sectional and covers almost all prob-lems and circumstances of the functioning of the Catholic Church in Russia. Because of the vastness of the sources, only a few examples of the phenomena are provided.